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IsardVDI Logo

Open Source KVM Virtual Desktops based on KVM Linux and dockers.

  • Engine that monitors hypervisors and domains (desktops)

  • Websocket user interface with real time events.

  • HTML5 and native SPICE client viewers

    IMPORTANT NOTE: You cannot migrate from the version 1 to version 2, since there are many structural changes. You should backup your XML definition files and QCOW disks and import them in the new version.


Follow the extensive documentation to get the most of your installation:

Quick Start with docker & docker-compose

1) INSTALL docker & docker-compose

2) Pull images and bring it up:

docker-compose pull
docker-compose up -d

Connect to https://<ip|domain>/isard-admin with default user admin and password IsardVDI


  • All data will be created in your host /opt/isard folder
  • Logs will be at /opt/isard-local

Custom build

There is an isardvdi.cfg.example file that you can copy to isardvdi.cfg and edit to fit your requirements. After that you can create your own docker-compose.yml file from that config by issuing script.

Then bring it up with docker-compose up -d

Please read the documentation to configure your IsardVDI installation


You can directly go to Updates menu and download and test precreated desktops.

If you want to create your own desktop:

  1. Go to Media menu and download an ISO
  2. After the download is finished it will show a desktop icon where you can create the desktop.

You will find the created desktop in Desktops menu. Implemented encrypted viewers:

  • HTML5 Viewer
  • Native virt-viewer SPICE protocol.


Create a template from a desktop:

  1. Open desktop details and click on Template it button.
  2. Fill in the form and click on create.

It will create a template from that desktop as it was now. You can create as many desktops identical to that template.


In Updates menu you will have access to different resources you can download from our IsardVDI updates server.

Main admin screen


More info:

Go to IsardVDI Project website


  • Josep Maria Viñolas Auquer
  • Alberto Larraz Dalmases
  • Néfix Estrada


  • Daniel Criado Casas


Please email us at if you have any questions or fill in an issue.

Social Networks

Twitter: @isard_vdi